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Radio Training

» NGO Pre-deployment Course
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» Radio Logistician

Too many communications networks fail to achieve the desired efficiency or capacity because the staff tasked with installation and operation of VHF and HF radios just don't have the required knowledge and skills. Lack of training can mean equipment and networks operating far below their capacity. John Jacobs Consulting can provide radio training for installers, radio operators, logisticians, network programmers and repair technicians; ensuring your staff are competent and up-to-date in all the required practical skills and that the radios and satellite equipments are programmed to give you the optimum performance to meet your communications needs. The radio training courses cover VHF radio, HF radio as standard with optional radio training modules for satphone, digital microwave and VSAT systems Training courses are offered in English and French.

Radio Logistician courses

A comprehensive course for logisticians working in the field. The 3 day course covers operation, base and mobile installation and programming of HF and analogue VHF radios.
At the end of the course delegates will have learnt the skills to set up a field office radio room from getting the equipment out of the box to calling other stations on the optimum frequencies.